Hey :)
my name is Álvaro Navarro, and I'm interested in creating useful and graceful digital experiences that make people's lives easier.

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I'm currently a Product Designer at smava, where I create innovative ways to onboard users onto our platform. We help them find the loan that's best-suited to their financial situation.

I'm originally from Bogotá, where I studied Graphic Design and worked several years as a Graphic and Web Designer for different kind of companies – most notably, the U.S.A. telecommunications enterprise Avaya.

In 2017 I moved to Berlin, enrolled in the M.A. Communication Design at the HMKW, and in 2020 I delivered my Thesis about Multimodality in Web Design. During my studies I joined audibene in the hearing care industry and worked for several years as an Graphic UX/UI Designer and Product Designer.

I am an avid reader, an amateur guitar player, and a life-long gamer. If you want to get in touch please send me a message over LinkedIn.