The Daily UI Challenge

At the beginning of 2023 I was in between jobs and with a lot of free time in my hands, so I decided to subscribe to the Daily UI challenge for fun and to keep my skills trained. Each day I would receive an email with a design challenge that I would do and then post the results to twitter. Here are the results of the first week.

Seventh Hint: Settings

Design settings for something. Is it for security or privacy settings? Game settings? What is it and what's important? (It's up to you!)

No thought needed: I can't stand the settings page from Spotify on iPhones, and this was my chance to try something out. The page is just a long list of items without a discernible sequence or order. God forbid we have categories, or quick toggles, or a search bar to find stuff quick.

Simple changes like grouping items by topic can make a big difference making it easier to browse through.

Sixth Hint: User Profile

Design a user profile and be mindful of the most important data, names, imagery, placement, etc. Is it for a serious profile? A social profile? (It's up to you!)

At the time I was applying to jobs, therefore the only user profiles I was seeing were on career-oriented platforms. I took inspiration from the word timeline and the Facebook design from years ago. I always thought it was interesting and could be used more.

Fifth Hint: App Icon

Design an app icon. What best represents the brand or product? Or is it incredibly unique? Does it look great at a distance and does it stand out when put on your home screen alongside other apps?

Super fun one. I had to summon my graphic design skills for this challenge. I always loved that pre iOS 7 era with incredibly detailed app icons and admired the hard work that went into them, so I figured this was the time to try it out. This particular icon depicts the light bulb that can be controlled through this App.

Fourth Hint: Calculator

Design a calculator. Standard, scientific, or specialty calculator for something such as a mortgage? Is it for a phone, a tablet, a web app?

This one was so much fun. Every time I see the word calculator I picture that exact model of Casio calculators in my head. I couldn't help myself and had to do a homage to this iconic Casio model.

Third Hint: Landing Page

What's the main focus? Is it for a book, an album, a mobile app, a product? Consider important landing page elements (call-to-actions, clarity, etc.)

I felt very uncomfortable with this one. The prompt was too vague for my taste, got overwhelmed with ideas, and didn't pick a clear direction – sadly I didn't enjoy this hint and it shows.

Second Hint: Credit Card Checkout

Design a credit card checkout form or page. Don't forget the important elements such as the numbers, dates, security numbers, etc.

I like solar guitars, they can do look very metal without being super loud about it. Their online checkout, however, is loudly horrible! I cleaned it up, and decided to use tabs instead of radio buttons for the payment options to save space and get the first item in the shopping cart within the viewport.

First Hint: Sign Up

Create a sign up page, modal, form, or app screen related to signing up for something. It could be for a volunteer event, contest registration, a giveaway, or anything you can image.

This was a timid start into the challenge to get me into the rhythm. The real challenge here was getting over being shy and actually posting the images.